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StratusTweeter is an application written in the AutoIt scripting language to tweet weather data collected by Davis weather stations. It allows you to tweet weather sent to WeatherLink or directly from your weather station via USB or IP/TCP to any Twitter account.

We are offering his program free of charge to anyone! However we would appreciate any donations that you may like to offer:


Everything you need to run StratusTweeter is in the following .ZIP file. You just need to extract the contents and run the executable (StratusTweeter (for Davis).exe):

You should read the "readme.html" file which is also inside the .ZIP file. It contains important information that may change the way you use the application. Especially if you connect directly to the weather station via USB or IP/TCP.

Please note that because the program was written in AutoIt some anti-virus programs may detect StratusTweeter as a threat. We can assure that as long as you download from this website, the application is in no way malicous

Our weather station tweets using StratusTweeter. Does yours?

Note: StratusTweeter has not thoroughly tested when connected via USB or TCP/IP
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